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Fusco Knitwear offers four different sizes for adults and one size for children. Depending on the

individuals height and weight/muscle, where the legwarmer rests may be different. 

 The yarn used is stretchy, which allows for give in the width and length.



*Extra Long: 

7 inches wide (laying flat) by 40 inches long. Rests approximately hip high.

*This size is recommended for adults over the height of 5ft. 8 inches tall 



7 inches wide (laying flat) by 36 inches long. Rest approximately hip high. 



7 inches wide (laying flat) by 29 inches long. Rest approximately  above the knee to mid-thigh high. 



7 inches wide (laying flat) by 17 inches long. Rests approximately under the knee. 




All children's legwarmers are one size and length.

The width is approximately 3.5 inches laying flat and the length is approximately 19 inches long.