The FK Story


Meet the creator: Holly Lynn Fusco



A former professional with Pennsylvania Ballet and the Miami City Ballet for almost 17 years, Holly Fusco came up with the idea of Fusco Knitwear on the premise of using up old yarn from previously unfinished projects. There had to be a faster way to create colorful legwarmers than by hand knitting! After researching a few machines, and testing, Fusco Knitwear was launched on Etsy in November 2012.

There are a few things that set Fusco Knitwear apart from other legwarmers. First, we are HANDMADE. We are not buying premade fabric or yarn and just sewing together. We create each custom order using our machine, and finishing by hand, ensuring craftsman-like details and quality. Second, our yarn is 100% acrylic. A lot of legwarmers are wool (hot and itchy) or cotton (likely to shrink during the wash and stretch out during wear). The 100% acrylic yarn is resistant to pilling, stretchy and incredibly soft, comes in over 40 different colors and above all, keeps you warm while still providing breathability. 

Third: The most common problem with leg warmers is falling down while dancing. In every pair of Fusco Knitwear leg warmers, there is a 3/4 inch band of elastic to prohibit sliding while moving. In addition, it is adjustable to provide the ultimate comfort you deserve. Additionally, we have added the option of having a flared ankle or a tapered ankle choice, ensuring the ideal cut for everyone's leg type! 

Lastly, the most exciting innovation about Fusco Knitwear legwarmers is the customizable option. With over 40 different colors of yarn to choose from, you can create your own unique design by choices in color, style and length. Customization not your thing? Don't worry! We have a "Buy It Now" section that will be launching monthly to make quick purchases with immediate shipping that will still give you a unique option to your everyday wardrobe.

Feeling comfortable, confident and unique while you dance is incredibly important and it is our mission to allow you to create, wear and love every pair of Fusco Knitwear legwarmers!